Conservation Heroes

I believe in telling the stories of conservation through the people that are actively involved in the work, projecting their enthusiasm and passion. So much conservation work is done by people who get little or no recognition, I hope to highlight some of the unsung heroes whom the general public have no idea exist. Click on the images to see more of each photostory.


Eagle Guardians

I was lucky enough to spend a week last summer (2017) with these conservation heroes as they set about tagging this years cohort of golden and white-tailed eagle youngsters. Only through the work of these people have we managed to keep track of how the populations of these amazing birds are growing. Each year, using the information they gather, the conservation community can track how many chicks are born and how changes in the environment are affecting their health and productivity.
It is amazingly hard work, spending most of June hiking tens of miles each day across the Scottish highlands whist carrying heavy backpacks full of climbing kit.
However, it is worth it. Not only is it spectacular scenery but, despite persecution, these efforts are paying off and the populations of these beautiful birds of prey are slowly increasing.